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Jedediah Island

Pristine Paradises
Deserted Islands

Where else can you find an island devoid of human habitation, complete with abandoned farmsteads, sheep and goats running wild, and abandoned orchards. . . .. . . . .
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Beaumont Park

Swimming Pools
Movie Stars

The perfect family combo - Cappucino Bar, Full Service Restaurant, Paddleboard and Kayak Rentals, right next to backcountry camping and hiking..... . . . .

Saturna Island

Surreal Cliffs
Wild Goats

Great camping, Funky Restaurants, expansive lookouts, it's all there waiting to be discovered
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Magnificent Thetis Island

Amazing Sunsets
Incredible Swimming

Exclusive private campgrounds, bountiful seafood, warm water, Marine Pub. . .

Jedediah Island

Remote Locations
Marine Only Access

If you are looking for pure adventure you have come to the right place! Over the top cuisine and fully supported adventure. . . . .
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Curme Islands

Rugged Beauty
Historic Coastal Villages

Off the beaten path. Amazing rock bluff camping, historic coastal villages...

4 Day Island Explorer

Fantastic Markets
Funky Cafes

Great craft shopping, restuarants, pubs, kayaking and paddleboarding, moments away from backcountry camping. . . . .

Discovery Island Marine Park

Tranquility Awaits
Minutes from Town

Same Latitude. Different Attitude. 15 minutes away. . .

Clayoquot Sound

Unique Watercraft
Certified Captains

Island Assault Vessels designed to land on the most rugged beaches. We go where few others can....Captain Mark has been plying the waters of Vancouver Island from the early 1980's.

Curme Islands

Exquisite Cuisine
Prepared Fresh on the Spot

No Mac and Cheese here (unless of course you want it :) Gourmet meals prepared in any location. Real Food for Real Adventure... .
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Saturna Island

Epic Views
Fantastic Hiking

Expansive lookouts, uncrowded trails, isolated beaches...

Magnificent Lund on the Sunshine Coast

Fishing Villages
A Simpler Way of Life

Working towns on the edge of civilization, unique people, unique experiences, a simpler existance. . . .

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